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Allows the creation and automation of clinical protocols or processes that will be executed by our Multilingual Virtuose Virtual Assistant.

Automated protocols, processes, and questionnaires tailored to the needs of patients

The clinical protocols, processes to be executed, and intelligent questionnaires created through the Virtuose Dialogues solution are timely propelled by the Virtuose Console to the relevant stakeholders, including the patient. The latter can then interact efficiently and coordinatedly through the Virtual Assistant, both vocally and in writing.

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Protocol Repository

Access to a repository of standardized protocols for various chronic diseases built by recognized experts in good clinical practices (e.g., Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc.). The protocol repository can also be customized by the facility's administrator (e.g., adding any home monitoring).

Allows the creation and automation of clinical protocols or processes that will be executed by our Multilingual Virtuose Virtual Assistant.

Coordination and Monitoring of Actions

Orchestration of activities, information exchanges, and underlying communications to maximize actions and collaboration among stakeholders.

This module routes information to the Virtuose Console, which is responsible for executing them in the Virtuose Virtual Assistant and generating alerts based on the responses obtained from the patient (artificial and clinical intelligence).

Intuitive configuration of customer journeys and interactions

Automatic creation and execution of logical flows derived from dialogues, supporting processes, building and executing dynamic and intelligent questionnaires, coordinating resulting actions, all through fully configurable alerts or events.

The Virtuose Impact

Reinventing home healthcare services

The Virtuose platform transforms home healthcare through an innovative telemonitoring solution. By integrating cutting-edge technologies into nursing care, we eliminate several geographical and temporal constraints, providing unparalleled clinical monitoring while strengthening collaboration among healthcare staff, caregivers, and patients.

Efficient Utilization of Resources

Optimization of workflow processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of healthcare staff, thereby freeing up valuable resources.

Improvement of care quality and user safety

Continuous clinical monitoring, reducing hospitalizations, securing the patient, and ensuring optimal continuity of care.

Active involvement of patients and their loved ones

Direct involvement of patients, their families, and caregivers enabling secure, efficient, and transparent communication, as well as the management of key actions.

Self-management of care

Sending voice and text reminders to maximize patient participation, contributing to self-management of care. For example: 'You forgot to take your medication at dinner.'

Reinforcement of the sense of security

Significant contribution to the creation of a secure home environment that reduces social isolation by maintaining constant contact with healthcare staff and loved ones, thus promoting the overall well-being of the patient.

Reduction of hospitalizations

Early intervention through continuous monitoring, minimizing complications and reducing the risks, and consequently the number of hospitalizations.

Virtuose Technologies' healthcare solutions support you in the digital transformation of your organization.

Integrate our innovative and secure solutions that will contribute to optimizing the use of your resources for the well-being of the patient.