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Examples: Connected objects to Virtuoso Console

Watches and Thoracic Sensor


  • The most suitable smartwatches are from 'Biobeat Technologies' and 'Masimo.'
  • These are the only remote vital signs monitoring medical devices that have received Health Canada approval to date.
  • They comply with the IEC 60601 standard.
  • These products have superior battery autonomy with a lifespan of 3 years. Additionally, they continuously, wirelessly, and in real-time measure various vital signs including:
    • Blood oxygen saturation
    • Continuous blood pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Respiratory rate
    • Systolic volume
    • Cardiac output
    • ECG (thoracic sensor)
    • Differential pressure
    • Systemic vascular resistance
    • Temperature
    • Heart rate variability
    • Mean arterial pressure
    • Cardiac index



Examples: Connected objects to Virtuoso Console

Scale, Camera, and Radar Sensor

  • Smart scale for monitoring weight fluctuations. Some scales can even monitor body mass and fat.
  • Using a surveillance camera system, the ability to detect patient falls through AI, alert relevant staff, and send a video excerpt to document the incident.
  • The LISA platform (radar sensor) uses advanced contactless fall detection technology to monitor individuals in healthcare units or at home.


Examples: Connected objects to Virtuoso Console

"New: The Nonagon N9+"


  • Our latest: A home medical examination device allowing 9 remote physical examinations.
  • The portable Nonagon N9+ device is authorized by Health Canada to perform 9 remote physical examinations using 4 medical-grade sensors and a camera:
    • Record temperature
    • Photograph the skin (AI interpretation of progression)
    • Check temperature level
    • Record lung sounds
    • Listen to your heart
    • Photograph the inner ear (AI interpretation of progression)
    • Record abdominal sounds
    • Photograph the throat (AI interpretation of progression)

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