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[Informe affaires] Interview on Health Technologies

The digital shift in the healthcare sector holds numerous opportunities for Quebec businesses. In the region, many have seized this opportunity and innovated to improve patient services and make tasks easier for professionals.

"In Quebec, there are currently nearly 300,000 seniors aged 85 and older. This figure will double in the next 10 years. The issue is pressing. The number of active individuals to care for seniors is decreasing significantly. We need to change the way things are done."

It is through emerging technologies that we will succeed in optimizing the efficiency of current resources.

About Our Solutions

Virtuose Console integrates data into a single platform, facilitating information access and handling all communication flows from different systems and connected devices. Using clinical intelligence, it analyzes and translates collected data into real-time alerts or actions. This streamlines professionals' decision-making by providing access to information outside of nurse visits and optimizes the care offered.

Virtuose Dialogues allows the creation and automation of clinical protocols or processes to be executed. It includes banks of normative protocols for certain chronic diseases and orchestrates information exchanges in the form of questions and answers. It is combined with the Virtual Assistant, enabling users to respond verbally to follow-up questionnaires.

Virtuose Proximity, finally, is a mobile application that facilitates the exchange and sharing of information among families, caregivers, users, and healthcare personnel. It also enables secure messaging and video conferencing exchanges.

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