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About us

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Virtuose Technologies emerged in 2020 through the collaboration of key players with expertise in the healthcare field and emerging technologies.

Virtuose Technologies represents over 4 years of intensive computer development and scientific research, primarily guided by individuals with over 30 years of experience each in the healthcare field. This expertise covers all essential dimensions for the development of high-performance digital solutions that can meet concrete and current needs.

These efforts have led to the development of four state-of-the-art products to address significant needs in home care and institutional settings.

Virtuose Technologies also encompasses a circle of exclusive partners, including industry-leading companies, to create a digital ecosystem that facilitates data integration for the benefit of patients and key stakeholders.

We are convinced that improving the quality of life for patients and enhancing the performance of the healthcare sector are inevitable through its digital transformation.

To secure and involve the patient in monitoring their health through emerging technologies, in synergy with caregivers and family caregivers.

Our solutions enable :

  • The provision of clinical services and its efficiency
  • Outpatient flow
  • Care in facilities
  • Patient safety and well-being
  • Active involvement of family caregivers
  • Workforce shortages
  • Aging population
  • Reduction of waiting lists in home care and accommodation sectors
  • Management of ALC patients (Alternative Level of Care)
  • Home support / home care
  • Home hospitalization / Virtual care unit
  • Accommodation

But above all, a mission and a determination to make a difference in our healthcare !

  • Reduce the duration of hospital stays by returning the patient to their home in a secure environment

  • Ensure continuity of services by healthcare teams at home (using the same technological tools for telemonitoring)

  • Reduce emergency room visits by continuous clinical monitoring of vulnerable patients at home

  • Prioritize interventions and intervene at the right time with the patient at home based on evidence-based data (reorganization of professional practices) to be able to monitor many more patients !

  • Increase the sense of security

  • Collect information from various selected connected devices by the institution in a single dashboard (Alerts; clinical intelligence, etc.) to assist healthcare professionals in clinical decision-making.

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Philippe Voyer, RN, Ph.D., is a Full Professor and Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education at the Faculty of Nursing at Laval University. In his role, Mr. Voyer is involved in teaching and continuing education, research, and clinical practice. He is the author of several books used in Quebec, Canadian Francophone regions, and Europe. He has also served as an advisor to the Ministry of Seniors and Caregivers of the Government of Quebec for the creation of Seniors' Homes. He remains a frequently consulted resource by the Ministry of Health and Social Services for the digital transformation of the Quebec healthcare system.

Since the beginning of the project, he has been advising Virtuose Technologies in all its developments to ensure clinical relevance.